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ROYER’s expertise in developing and manufacturing boots for extreme conditions led to the recent development of its military footwear category. To protect our troops, we put science, technical knowledge and more than 80 years of know-how to develop our line of modern military boots.

The ROYER AGILITY Land Operation Boot




The ROYER AGILITY land operation boot was specifically designed to perform in a wide array of conditions encountered by military troops.

Less is More

Soldiers engage in a variety of physical tasks and often carry heavy loads. Any unnecessary weight diminishes their mobility and their agility. When running, 100 grams at foot level causes oxygen consumption to increase between 0.7% and 1%. Each 1% increase in VO2 translates to a 2.94 m/min decrease in speed. Saving 500 grams per footstep means up to 15 m/min performance improvement. Less weight means more agility. Less is more.


Under temperate climate, temperature ranges from 0 °C to 35 °C and ambient humidity ranges from 45% to 100%. Soldiers need to focus on duty, not on uncomfortable footwear. The AGILITY boot wicks away moisture to keep soldiers’ feet dry. It is designed to meet a Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) of more than 5.0 grams/hour.

Quick Drying Properties

After a 12-hour day in battle, the AGILITY boot’s material dries out while it is not being worn. When tested in accordance with CTT Group Drying Rate Test, the AGILITY boot dries over 50% in an 8 hour period.

Fire Resistance

The ROYER AGILITY boot protects soldiers when exposed to flames for a short period of time (4 seconds) and remains functional, enabling the user to walk away from threats. When tested in accordance with ASTM F1930-11, the AGILITY boot self-extinguished after 4 seconds of intense fire exposure.


The ROYER AGILITY boot is specifically designed to offer superior traction and stability on various terrains and under a variety of conditions. It’s slip resistance was tested according to SATRA TM-144 method using a wet turf surface with rubber crumb.

The ROYER ARCTIC-EXP extreme cold weather boot

Canadian landscape is well known for its extreme climate: cold, wet and windy. In the Arctic, soldiers operate in constantly changing terrain, such as snow, sleet, slush, wet snow and immersion in streams, puddles, marches or swamps, etc. Moreover, they perform a full range of tasks (some with snowshoes or skis) and they operate different military vehicles and over-snow machines.

Thermal Insulation

The ROYER ARCTIC-EXP boot was designed to protect the feet from extreme cold temperatures ranging from -50 °C to -60 °C when tested according to CTT Group PTC-1 thermal rating test.


The ARCTIC-EXP boot is fully waterproof. A water submersion test is performed to guarantee that the boot is completely impermeable. Shell material is tested for water repellence and seams are tested for leakage after exposure to chemicals.

Slip Resistance on Ice

The ARCTIC-EXP boot offers superior slip resistance on ice under frosted conditions. It is tested according to SATRA TM-144 method and reaches a coefficient of friction over 0.35μ.

Quick Drying Properties

The ROYER ARCTIC-EXP boot is designed with dual-layer removable liners. Soldiers can quickly change their boot liners on the spot, when needed. Moreover, the liners dry by more than 85% in less than 6 hours according to CTT Group controlled test method.


Under Arctic climate, soldiers often face ambient humidity levels nearing 100%. Soldiers need to focus on duty, not on uncomfortable footwear. The ARCTIC-EXP boot wicks away moisture to keep soldiers’ feet dry. It is designed to meet a Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) of more than 2.5 grams/hour.




Military Footwear that Fits Everyone

Available in over 70 sizes (21 lengths, up to 5 widths), the ROYER military product lines are fully customizable to answer your specific needs and requirements. Since 1934, ROYER excels in product customization to meet any customer’s expectations. Bring us a technical challenge – we’ll find you a solution!

We use DESMA RGE-4011 injection technology and we are capable of PU, RB, PU/PU, PU/RB, PU/TPU and RB/RB direct-attach constructions. We also use 6NM cold-cementing technology and monodensity RB vulcanization. Since 1934, we are known to excel in any type of footwear construction.

An Efficient Product Development Process

At ROYER, new product development (NPD) process is structured and thorough. To capture customer’s expectations, preferences and aversions, we involve the customer at every stage of our NPD process. This way, we make sure to develop products that truly perform and that are in line with the end user’s needs. From project definition to design stage and from prototyping to field testing, we deliver products with the highest level of performance, protection, comfort and durability.

Our Values and Beliefs

All those who have their duty at heart and relentlessly work for the sake of their family, their community and the well-being of humanity are worthy of the very best. They deserve boots that perform and live up to their efforts, commitment and dedication.

You can rely on the quality of Canadian-made products. ROYER’s core value is RESPECT. And RESPECT translates into products that truly perform, into quality in everything we do and into honesty in business.