Audit Service

- Our Expertise -

Our OHS audit service is an indispensable tool for Health and Satety managers. ROYER’s team of technical representatives has been helping managers and OHS committees establish and improve their foot protection program since 1992.

Our team is highly qualified to audit the risks in your company’s various departments and to establish technical criteria for choosing footwear.

By opting for products specifically adapted to the conditions of your work environments, you will reduce the risk of accidents, absenteeism, and dissatisfaction or complaints from your employees. This will result in a significant increase in productivity and a better work atmosphere.

An analysis of your workplace conducted by one of our technical representatives will help ensure:

bouton 1  That you meet the standards and legal requirements pertaining to occupational health and safety;

bouton 2  That the footwear worn by workers adequately protects them from the risks associated with their environments;

bouton 3  That the footwear worn is durable and adapted to the specific characteristics of your particular environments;

bouton 4  That your workers can focus on their work without worrying about the comfort of their footwear.

Administrators and managers have an obligation to protect their workers. Obtain peace of mind: Get support to help create your foot protection programs


bouton 1  Presentation of the program and scheduling of meetings.

bouton 2  Evaluation of threats posed to feet in each of your departments, input from a representative from your company’s health and                            safety committee, and agreement on the guiding principles for the report.

bouton 3  Presentation of the final report, proposal for footwear selection criteria, recommendations and follow-up.




ROYER offers product development services adapted to your specific needs. If you are experiencing problems related to foot protection, durability or comfort of your work boots or shoes, we will find and develop solutions with you. We have been partnering with companies working in the world’s most extreme industrial environments for 40 years!
Our pattern makers and craftspeople make custom footwear. We are committed to providing footwear for all of your workers, regardless of their particular leg and foot characteristics or other medical needs.