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XPAN sole


Exclusive to ROYER in North America, XPAN is a dual-density rubber vulcanization technology. XPAN combines the durability of dense rubber with the comfort and shock absorption of expanded rubber. The result is a high-performance, durable sole that is also flexible and comfortable.

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KEVLAR thread


High-performance KEVLAR fibre thread is 2.5 times stronger than nylon or polyester. It is also more resistant to heat and flames and is used to make our specialty products for foundries, metallurgical industries and welding sites.

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UTECH leather


High-performance UTECH leather provides superior resistance to acids, bases, hydrocarbons, detergents and a host of other chemical products. It is rigorously tested in the most extreme industrial environments to ensure the protection of workers and to increase the lifespan of work boots.

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ROYER introduced SHIELDTEX fabric in 2008 when it launched “the Mother of All Boots” collection. This high-performance fabric was originally developed for the car and motorcycle racing apparel industry. It provides high abrasion and wear resistance while optimizing flexibility and breathability. ROYER is a pioneer in terms of its use in work boots and shoes.

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AIRFLOW membrane


Boots made with AIRFLOW lining are waterproof. A microporous membrane laminated to the lining protects the inside of the boot from the infiltration of liquid while ensuring the elimination of sweat.

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FLX sole


Of hybrid construction (injected/cemented), the patented FLX sole is ultraflexible and ultralight. Its flexibility and suppleness, combined with its sturdy “Goodyear Welt” look, make it a sole in a class of its own.

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PARESHOK bumper toe


Protective TPU or rubber toecap positioned on the front of the boot (over the leather and toecap) to increase the vamp’s resistance to wear.

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REALFLEX protector


External metatarsal protector exclusive to ROYER. It maintains the footwear's natural pliability when walking and when working in a squatting or kneeling position. It protects the metatarsal region of the foot from heavy falling objects and meets various international standards (ASTM, CSA, ISO/EN).

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INTERGUARD protector


Internal flexible metatarsal protector exclusive to ROYER. The INTERGUARD protector meets various international standards (ASTM, CSA, ISO/EN) in terms of metatarsal protection while ensuring flexibility and optimal comfort for the user.

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BOA lacing system


ROYER products with BOA technology offer precise fit, with no pressure points, and permit ongoing adjustment throughout the day.

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GORE-TEX membrane


GORE-TEX is a microporous laminated membrane made with Teflon. It guaranties impermeability and respirability as the pores are small enough to prevent water penetration into footwear while being large enough to allow the expulsion of sweat.

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Made of industrial grade rubber, the Vibram FIRE & ICE sole is designed to withstand extreme temperatures (-20C to +250C) while maintaining its flexibility, its slip-resistance properties on ice and its heat insulation.

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