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Agility Collection
Agility Collection

AGILITY Collection

The AGILITY collection is inspired by the latest generation ROYER® military platform. The models found in the AGILITY collection redefine and push the notion of comfort and lightness. The models in AGILITY lineup are 25% lighter than most comparable products. You won't believe your feet! All models in the AGILITY collection are metal-free. Enjoy the revolutionary comfort of the R-LITE low-density PU insoles.


Military DNA

In 2015, thanks to ROYER's AGILITY Collection, ROYER was the recipient of a coveted major military contract. This highly innovative ground operation boot stood out in all performance tests carried out by the Armed Forces in addition to finishing first among the competition in-field testing.

The AGILITY platform is cutting-edge and ROYER's most recent innovation. The products in this collection are lightweight and designed to perform in the most extreme environments and conditions while pushing the boundaries of comfort and technology.

Redefining lightweight

AGILITY boots are 25% lighter than most 8" work boots on the market. For example, an eight standard-sized AGILITY boot only weighs 750 grams! To achieve this feat, ROYER invested in an advanced technology known as DESMA® that uses direct injection moulding. ROYER also works closely with HUNTSMAN® to further push the boundaries of low-density PU injection. What does all of this mean? Improved mechanical and physical properties that allow ROYER to offer products that are incredibly light and durable.

Athletic Fit

Inspired by the precision of mondopoint system, ROYER has developed a new form moulding creating an extremely comfortable boot and a fit that lasts over time. The low-density sole found in the AGILITY boot provides superior shock absorption, much like an athletic sneaker.

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