Protection métatarsienne REALFLEX, Semelle XPAN, KEVLAR

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Bottes de travail 8" amagnétique avec protecteur métatarsien.


  • Botte 8 pouces fabriquée au Canada
  • Cuir de type pleine-fleur résistant à l'eau
  • Protecteur métatarsien externe REALFLEX
  • Semelle antiperforation non-métallique
  • Semelle ARROW flexible, confortable et robuste
  • Technologie XPAN de caoutchouc à double densité
  • Fil KEVLAR résistant à la flamme
  • Semelle de propreté V2000
  • Protection contre les chocs électriques
  • Non-magnétique
  • Embout de protection en aluminium
  • Bandes-attaches Velcro en cuir et nylon
  • Doublure en cuir et en TAIBRELLE
  • Laçage élastique


  • Protecteur REALFLEX
  • Semelle XPAN
  • Fil KEVLAR
  • Protection métatarsienne REALFLEX


  • Embout de protection et semelle antiperforation certifiés CSA Z195-14
  • Protection contre les chocs électriques certifiée CSA Z195-14 (18 kV / 60 Hz / 1 minute)
  • Protection des métatarses certifiée CSA Z195-14 (101,7 joules)
  • Embout de protection certifié ASTM F2413-11 (résistance à l'impact de 75 pi-lbf)
  • Embout de protection certifié ASTM F2413-11 (résistance à la compression de 2500 lbs)
  • Semelle antiperforation certifiée ASTM F2413-11 (1 200 newtons)
  • Protection des métatarses certifiée ASTM F2413-11 (75 pi-lbf)
  • Protection contre les chocs électriques certifiée ASTM F2413-11 (18 kV / 60 Hz / 1 minute)

Customer Reviews

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Fit: True to size
Best shoes I have ever purchased

These shoes are incredible, Velcro makes them super easy to take on and off, and the comfort is unmatched. I did put my own 3rd party insoles in these, however I've put the same insoles in other shoes and they just don't quite feel the same.
I could go on and on about why I like these, but to shorten this review, basically everything they are advertised to do, they do it perfectly.
I use these as riding boots for my motorcycle, I have previous metatarsal injuries and wanted to protect against any future mishaps.
Now for the critical part, they look goofy, there's no way to sugar coat it, I have worn these daily, probably 300 days per year for 3 years and the only comments I get are on the Met guard. So I cut them off, and re-attached them higher up to the top strap. This eliminated one issue of un-necessary overlap with the steel toe, and keeps them held down tighter to the boot for a cleaner look which is the other issue... the goofy look.
Now they still aren't winning any beauty pageants, but this was a major improvement for me. If you're looking for a boot like this, but don't like the look, I would recommend Product:6300VTMG for the built-in met guard, also more ankle protection.