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ROYER. We are work boots
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Discover the Arctic Collection

I would definitely recommend ROYER just for the warranty alone. Customer service has some really great people.

- S. Sather

These boots have been on my feet going on 10 years now, 5th pair (Just got them today) Light, waterproof, warm in the winter, still comfortable in summer. Has excellent tread and traction. I will continue to get these boots as mine wear out because there a durable, long lasting tough boot that can survive almost anything you can put them thru. Hands down never had a better boot in my time.

- D. March

Got my first pair not too long ago. The break in period was not like any other boots I've tried. Super comfortable through break in. So far, they’re really tough and durable. They’re a lot lighter then other boots I have had before. Definitely will be getting these from now on.

- B. Millichamp

After three weeks with my ROYER boots, my feet never felt better after a hard day of work! I now recommend them to everybody. Thank you so much.

- É. Chicoine

Hands down the best, the most comfortable boots i’ve ever owned. I drive a fuel truck for a large road building company so I am up and down on equipment and unstable terrain all day everyday! Great product I would encourage everybody I know to get them!

- J. Butcher

Amazing boots. I normally get 1 year out of my boots, but my ROYER boots have lasted me almost 3 years.

- C. D'amour

I love these boots. They last and they are comfortable and lightweight. ROYER stands behind their products.

- D. Hazenburg

I will never buy another brand! I had my boots for 3 months now and it still feels like I’m walking on air!

- R. Paquette