"At ROYER, we believe in honest relationships, quality and a job well done. We share with our founder, Louis-Philippe Royer, the desire to do things right. We give the utmost respect those whom every day put their heart and souls into their work for their family, their community and humanity.

Respect is central to ROYER. It results in products that perform, through attention to detail in everything we do. We believe that when we keep our promises and deliver a product of the highest quality, we're doing things right.

In the face of adversity, we roll up our sleeves. We’re not afraid of challenges. We are survivors of the Canadian footwear industry. Disciplined, hardworking, stubborn, we are determined to make work boots and shoes in North America that surpass all expectations. It's in our DNA."

- Simon La Rochelle, CEO


This manufacturing classification guarantees that this product was made in our Lac-Drolet, Canada factory from top to bottom. Since 1934, we've committed to quality craftsmanship, and our Canadian Made boots are no exception.

Assembled in Canada with Imported Components

We source the best materials from around the world and outsource some construction work before shipping the partially assembled components to our Sherbrooke and Lac-Drolet, Canada factories. Once in our factory, the uppers are formed, and the entire bottom of the boot is assembled using cutting-edge technology, giving us greater control over the finished product. This manufacturing process enables us to offer you a more affordable boot without sacrificing the quality you expect from ROYER.